The revamped Dell XPS 13 shows off Intel’s new 10 nm chips

Dell has been on a streak lately. Apart from completely rebranding itself as not just a PC company, they have been making headlines in the tech community with their tactile, classy XPS 13s and 15s and this year has been no different.

The new XPS 13 is the first laptop of its kind to have the new Intel Ice lake 10 nm chips and also a whole new look on the exterior, updated keyboard AND a better display. That is some serious overhaul!

The screen is a bit larger, closing at 13.4 inches, around 7% larger than the previous XPS 13 models. Dell uses the extra space to fan out it’s keyboard and touchpad. Speaking of fanning out, the new intel chips require fans, so…yeah. Now the XPS 13s have a fan in them, which is a fair  trade for almost 3 times the performance.

This is as you can tell, quite an astounding upgrade considering their salient upgrades the last time was simply moving the webcam from the bottom to the top of the screen. The machine has a much more sturdier design due to Dell fleshing out more metal into the body which was a very good decision as this gives the laptop a much more elegant effect.

Availability and prices are ballpark at the moment. The base models are expected to be under $1000 whereas beefier 15s can go to $1899 or even higher.

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