The Pixel 3a: Google’s saving grace?

Recently google made headlines again when an internal memo of the company revealed their smartphone department was in tough waters due to low sales and declining growth. This might have been the reason google decided to launch their budget friendly smartphones, the pixel 3a and 3a XL.

Aside from terrible naming, what else has google managed to fit in these smaller sized phones you ask? Quite a lot actually. The pixel 3a is an unconventional phone in the sense that it has an outstanding camera with a less than outstanding processor. In a world where almost every budget phone makes the exact opposite tradeoffs, filling themselves with the beefiest snapdragon monster around while having a mediocre back and front camera, this is a welcome change.

There are  other tradeoffs as well, some standing out more than others. Like the plastic exterior and the lack of wireless charging. This was expected  when one sees the price tag of $399 on the 3a and $479 on the XL version. These are impressive numbers mind you, and the phone is an absolute catch in this price.

With the arrival of the 3a, google seems to have gotten the grasp of how the smartphone industry works and this might very well be their eureka moment.

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