Huawei Forced To cut ties with American Counterparts

The presidential order, set forth due to national security interests, shook the tech community to the core when regulated a full halt in trade among Huawei and it’s US friends, namely, Microsoft, Nvidia and google among others.

After a series of warnings and concerns being voiced over different platforms, the Secretary of Commerce was given the authority last week to stop completely any IT transactions that were deemed a security threat. This decision seemed in some ways inevitable, with the hiccups between Chinese trade entities and President Trump. So how does this affect us as consumers?

A Huawei smartphone user may not feel any difference in usage for at least a couple of months. The trade sanctions have already been cushioned out by giving a 90 day leverage for the companies to get their things in order. However, this does have the potential to turn ugly, and if it does, you probably will either be stuck using the same version of android with no updates for as long as you keep on holding on to the phone or will have to make a complicated jump to another half-baked OS.

The scale of this order has to capacity to upend a lot of operations and had it been a company other than Huawei, there is a huge possibility it may have had to close it’s doors shut, with Chinese made locks. The company has not taken a step back since the order and has decided to go on the offensive, demanding evidence of any wrongdoing behind it’s closed doors. Seemingly unfazed by the repercussions, many sources are claiming Huawei has been primed for such setbacks to the point that it reportedly has it’s own OS and playstore in the works.

This is all well and good, but Huawei is not just a smartphone company. They develop and sell…just about everything really. Most notably laptops. And really good ones at that. The question is, how good is a laptop without Microsoft windows and an intel chipset in it?

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