5 steps you need to take before your startup goes live

No matter what the scale of your startup maybe, taking this step requires a lot of planning and introspection. No worries, we’re here to help you straighten a few things out and ensure a more streamlined road towards success.


This needs to be a habit more than a step really. Document everything. From the mini ideas you get when you’re sitting there brainstorming with your partners or the mistakes you or your employees make in the earlier testing phases. This will in turn make your problems structured and easy to tackle in the future. It will also be much easier to go back if you screw up and can’t find a solution.

Transactional flexibility.

Secure as many deposit channels as possible. If you’re looking to cater to the general public, you need multiple ways through which your clients can pay you. Many times startup businesses omit this step and usually suffer in loss of clientele. Taking into account your customers ease can never be overestimated.

Inventory management.

A Point of sale that gratifies all your transactions is akin to a lifesaver in a new business. Need to send an invoice? Check. Client just bought something on credit and need to document that on his account? Check. Keep track of all your stock and see what needs restocking? Check. POS/ Inventory management systems are a godsend because they essentially decrease your workload by doing the job of 3 guys and more efficiently at that.

Reliable Lead Generators

You obviously need to branch out and let as many people out there know youre in business! And this simply isn’t  possible without leads. A formidable source that doesn’t produce half dead leads is a must for a growing business.

Thick Pockets.

Say what you want, but unless you have a healthy bank account or a big investor in the corner, your employees aren’t going to pay themselves. you need the best people you can get to make your passion project a reality! And wouldn’t you want it in the hands of as skilled people as you can get?

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